Achieving Quality Emergency Care

At the cornerstone of any hospital’s Emergency Department are the human and healthcare resources needed to quickly and successfully diagnose and treat patients suffering from acute illnesses or traumatic injuries. Quite often the only thing that stands between patients and death are exceptionally trained Emergency Department staff who are armed with state-of-the-art knowledge, quick and accurate diagnostic skills, and exceptional medical technologies.

Research Is the Key

The concept of “state-of-the-art” medical care and knowledge is ever-evolving and highly dependent upon quality research and development of new treatments, medications, and technologies to bring the highest and most appropriate levels of care to the patient. Historically, however, Emergency Medicine has not received nearly enough funding for research programs from traditional sources (NIH, foundations, etc.) that are available to other branches of medicine. NFEM is working to change that medical research funding paradigm. How? By promoting new research funding and findings with the highest and latest treatment modalities and bringing them to the bedsides of Emergency Department patients. We are accomplishing this through a multi-prong approach of direct and other research funding, stewarding and mentoring Emergency Medicine research, and supporting the dissemination and introduction of findings into clinical practice.

NFEM About

NFEM promotes clinical research through a five-part program:

  1. Direct funding of research to scholars in medical and other institutions of higher learning.
  2. Coordinate research through mentor-scholars that guide and train researchers in the highest, available standards and provide quality research processes and results.
  3. Partner with highly respected medical centers with capabilities and resources to provide a base for mentor-scholar research teams.
  4. Identify potential outside resources for substantive research funding.
  5. Provide forums for the dissemination of research findings and venues for introducing research-based knowledge and treatments for clinicians to apply to patients.

Research Programs NFEM will focus on the present and future needs of Emergency Medicine, including concussion therapies research and other therapies and treatments that show potential in an Emergency Room setting.

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