Membership Application

We are seeking institutions to participate in the NFoEM Scholar/Mentor Program. With a goal of developing academic Emergency Medicine Scientists, the Scholar/Mentor program stimulates, trains and builds an academic commitment to EM research by supporting junior EM faculty and a mentor for two years.

Application Instructions are below and can be downloaded here.

Interested institutions are invited to apply before Monday, September 16, 2019. Accepted institutions will be notified in November 2019 with an anticipated start of January 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

Institutions will be selected based on their demonstrated ability to meet the following criteria:

  • Aligned vision/mission with the NFoEM
  • Adequate research infrastructure: open clinical research projects, research staff, access to regulatory and biostatistics support
  • A commitment to research: peer-reviewed publications and extramural grants
  • A research fellowship: the fellowship does not have to be within the department but needs to support the research development of the emergency medicine faculty
  • Junior and senior faculty mentors that are willing to participate in the Scholar/Mentor Program
  • Willingness to contribute the in-kind match ($30K/year for Scholar/Mentor Program) and attribute the foundation in related scholarship

Application Instructions

Due Date: September 16, 2019

Mechanism for Submission: Complete the online application and upload the three documents identified below.

Required Documents: The following three documents are to be uploaded into the designated spots in the application. Documents should have 1” margins and font larger than 10pt.

  1. Narrative:
    • 3-page document that highlights the following:
      • How does the research vision/mission of the applying institution align with that of NFoEM?
      • Research and training infrastructure, including the details of the research infrastructure, fellowship, potential scholar pipeline, and mentoring capacity
      • How participating in NFoEM will benefit the institution
      • Commitment to providing matching funds (can be in-kind resources)
  2. Scholar Information:
    • 1-page document that highlights at least 2 potential scholars. Include the training/background, career goals, research area, mentorship team and their funding history
  3. Research History:
    • Provide a list of extramural grants received and peer-reviewed publications by department faculty within the last 5 years (no page limit)

For questions about the application or eligibility requirements, contact Dr. Karen Lutrick, Director of Programs and Operations.


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