NFEM’s interim and long-term organizational goals are to:

  • On an interim basis, establish and support development of Emergency Medicine-oriented clinical researchers in leading university Emergency Medicine academic departments.
  • Become and be recognized as (1) the leading national platform for improvement and expansion of research in Emergency Medicine and (2) America’s leading resource for advancing awareness of best practices and clinical excellence in Emergency Medicine.

NFEM’s core organizational objectives are to:

  • Establish teaching fellowships in industry-sponsored Emergency Medicine research.
  • Support young academic faculty members who are willing to devote their careers to becoming leaders and experts in clinical trial investigations.
  • Elicit the cooperation of several major university and teaching programs to help select and support the necessary faculty.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for multi-institutional testing of medical devices and medical therapies in clinical trials.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for funding of multi-institutional research in Emergency Medicine that maximizes the benefit of the patient base and geographic mix of the institutions that are represented on the advisory committee.
  • Identify and support Emergency Medicine academic physicians to support multi-institutional testing and research.
  • Seek and obtain funding for the research and testing of new therapies in Emergency Medicine.
  • Pursue funding opportunities for new Emergency Medicine managements and therapies such as stem cell research or pharmacologic therapies that require clinical testing.

NFEM’s tax-exempt purposes are to:

  • Encourage, support, and facilitate clinical research activities that lead to improvements in Emergency Medicine services.
  • Engage in continuous, proactive medical research in conjunction with other qualified tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code and that are dedicated to the improvement of best practices in Emergency Medicine.
  • Enhance clinical research opportunities and support the foundation’s investigators.
  • Attract to NFEM top-level medical professionals who seek to combine clinical practice with clinical research in order to ensure a consistently excellent level of medical care.
  • Facilitate productive deployment of resources from or in conjunction with public, private, foundation, and other institutional participants.
Every hospital’s Emergency Medicine Department represents the critical care ‘front line’ for successfully evaluating and initially addressing patients’ severe injuries and illnesses. NFEM’s sole focus is on funding substantive research into innovative, new treatments that empower improved medical solutions delivery and response capabilities of Emergency Department physicians, so that more lives can be saved and better patient healthcare can be delivered in emergent situations. Dr. Peter Rosen, M.D. Emeritus CEO and former Chairman of the Board 
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