Paradigm Shifts Podcast

The official podcast of the National Foundation of Emergency Medicine.

Creating visibility for young and soon-to-be prolific academic emergency physicians by highlighting their research and vision for their field. We hope to introduce ideas and expand and redirect your thinking toward the forefront of the science and philosophy of emergency medicine.

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Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS)

Host Aaron N. Leetch, MD sits down with Jarrod Mosier, MD to discuss Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS).


History of Airway Management

John C. Sakles, MD and Peter Rosen, MD discuss the history of airway management.


Oncologic Emergencies

A conversation with Christopher Coyne, MD to discuss Oncologic Emergencies in the ED.


Opioid Management

A conversation with Michael Ganetsky, MD to discuss Opioid Management.


Sickle Cell Disease

A conversation with Gentry Wilkerson, MD to discuss Sickle Cell Disease in the ED.


Sepsis Identification

A conversation with Michael R. Filbin, MD to discuss Sepsis Identification in the ED.

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