$30K per-year, with a
two-year commitment

$20K for the scholar;
$10K for the mentor


  1. The scholar should be a junior faculty member (lecturer, instructor, assistant professor) in an academic track in Emergency Medicine.
  2. There should be a commitment to the program in which the person is a faculty member so that there is a great probability that the person will make contributions to the institution of which he or she is a member at the time of the award.
  3. The faculty candidate should understand the purpose of the scholarship award and be interested in pursuing its goals.
  4. The institution will support an annual meeting of the scholars and mentors.


  1. To stimulate, help train, and produce an academic commitment to Emergency Medicine research through a partnership and sponsorship of industries concerned with products useful in the diagnostics and practice of Emergency Medicine.
  2. With the expertise and experience acquired during the scholarship period, the faculty member will be assisted in becoming senior faculty, and in turn will become a mentor and teacher of young academic minded faculty.


  1. The scholar will become familiar with how to conduct clinical trials that will prove the safety and utility of any industrial product useful for the field of Emergency Medicine.
  2. The scholar will undertake and successfully complete a program in familiarization with industrial medicine, its research, and its marketability.
  3. The scholar will learn how to supervise multi-institutional trials, and how to create and utilize large data bases; how to supervise the provision of protocols of care that will lead to safety and novelty of practice; and how to develop research programs that will test and provide evidence of safety and utility of industrial products useful in Emergency Medicine.
  4. The scholar will be able to either complete or be involved in an ongoing project that requires industrial support and utilizes the data bases of the supporting institutions.
  1. The scholar will have completed or be near readiness for publication a paper concerning that project.
  2. The scholar will work with the other scholars and mentors
    to establish and carry out a public meeting concerning the work of the scholar and the group.
“NFoEM’s funding supports eminent teams of physician mentors and scholars with a vision and a process for seeking new and better – often ‘out of the box’ – treatments for patients requiring immediate, emergency care.”

Michael A. Rolnick, M.D.


  1. The mentor should be a senior faculty member who is active in the research and academic duties of the parent department.
  2. There should be evidence of tenure or senior advancement with the willingness to be available in the mentor role throughout the period of the scholarship.
  3. The mentor should be active in supervision and education of the scholar to ensure that the scholar is progressing satisfactorily in the acquisition of the knowledge and experience necessary to become a strong clinical investigator.
  4. The mentor will assist in the production of a satisfactory research project; its publication, and its utilization of the participating institutions of the foundation.
  5. The mentor will assist in the creation and establishment of an annual meeting concerning the scholar program and its activities, as well as a forum to present abstracts and papers of those research projects.

Grantee Institution Matching Commitment

  1. The institutions should match in dollars or in-kind (supported time, etc.) the $30,000 grant to the institution.

2017 / 2018 Scholar / Mentor Program



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